Highfield Level 2 Award for Security Officers in the Private Security Industry ( 4 days Course)


This premier online qualification stands as the UK’s leading choice for security officers. Backed by top-notch learning materials, it serves as the essential requirement for learners to apply for their Security Industry Authority (SIA) license. The course content has been meticulously crafted by industry-leading experts and authors in the security sector, ensuring learners receive the best possible training and knowledge.




Ensure safety and legal compliance as a security officer!

The role of security officers often involves working in challenging and isolated environments, necessitating proper training to execute their duties effectively while safeguarding themselves and the public. Meeting the legal requirements set by authoritative bodies such as the Security Industry Authority (SIA) is crucial.

The Highfield Level 2 Award for Security Officers in the Private Security Industry has been meticulously designed to equip learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate efficiently and safely, fulfilling the SIA’s prerequisites for working as a security officer.

This qualification requires learners to dedicate approximately 42 hours to the learning process. For those opting for self-study, the SIA mandates a minimum of 29 contact hours (equivalent to 4 days). Detailed information on self-study is available in Highfield’s qualification specification.

Key topics covered in the course include:

  • Understanding the main characteristics of the Private Security Industry
  • Emphasizing the significance of safe working practices
  • Exploring the roles and responsibilities of security officers
  • Familiarity with drug-misuse legislation
  • Addressing issues and procedures relevant to the role of a security officer
  • Conducting effective search procedures
  • Queue management techniques
  • Recognizing, assessing, and minimizing risk in conflict situations
  • Utilizing problem-solving techniques to resolve conflicts.
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