Door Supervisors in the Private Security Industry -6 days course-(Deposit)

This prestigious qualification is the foremost award in the UK for security personnel. It comes with exceptional learning materials of the highest quality. Moreover, it serves as the essential requirement for learners to apply for their Security Industry Authority (SIA) license. The content has been authored by some of the most prominent experts and authors in the security sector.

Become a Door supervisor

The objective of this qualification is to support a role in the workplace. It is designed for learners wishing to apply for a license from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to work as a door supervisor and is based on the relevant SIA specification for learning and qualifications.

To successfully achieve this qualification, learners are required to dedicate approximately 61 hours to the learning process. If they opt for self-study, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) mandates a minimum of 44 contact hours (equivalent to 6 days). For more comprehensive information on self-study guidelines and requirements, please consult Highfield’s qualification specification.

Topics covered

  • These include the main characteristics of the Private Security Industry.
  • The importance of safe working practices.
  • Drug-misuse legislation.
  • Issues and procedures relevant to the role of a door supervisor.
  • Licensing law, queue management.
  • How to recognize, assess and reduce risk in conflict situations.
  • Problem-solving techniques when resolving conflict.
  • Physical interventions and the implications of their use and the use of non-aggressive physical skills to protect yourself and others.

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