What is SIA training, and why is it important for a career in security?

Finding the requirements to legally begin working with an SIA license in a range of security professions, such as close protection and door supervision, can be challenging for newbies to the security sector. It’s a good idea to become familiar with the industry’s laws and regulations if you have no prior understanding.

What is the SIA?

The UK’s private security sector is governed by the Security Industry Authority or SIA. They have a responsibility to make sure that everyone working in the private security sector has the necessary credentials and that training facilities are providing high-quality preparation for specific job tasks.

What is SIA Training?

Prior to beginning a security position, SIA training is required. A certificate demonstrating your credentials and demonstrating your suitability for the job for which you are applying for an SIA license is required. Take SIA-approved training programs if you wish to work as a Door Supervisor, CCTV operator, or Close Protection officer.

After completing your course, you must pass the SIA exam. If you receive the proper instruction and study resources, passing the exam will be simple. You can work in security after passing the exam and receiving your SIA license.

What training is necessary to obtain an SIA license?

A person must have completed a systematic program of study and learning in order to become licensed by the SIA. They must also meet all physical, legal, and training standards in order to hold a license for a particular job. It comprises all of the basic aspects of the security business, including.

  • The law of the private security sector
  • Safety and health
  • Customer service and communication
  • Fire safety
  • protocols for emergencies

After the basics are covered, the curriculum discusses additional in-depth modules, such as:

  • mobile surveillance
  • The use of technology to compromise the security
  • Reporting and retaining records
  • Law and communication

Despite being in-depth, they are crucial to any security officer’s job.

Who can apply for an SIA license?

Not everyone will be qualified to apply for an SIA license because there are strict requirements.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be at least of age 18 years.
  • pass the ID check
  • undergo a criminal background check
  • should be eligible to work in the UK
  • full SIA-approved training

What is the cost of an SIA License?

For a three-year license, the application fee for an SIA license is £190. An SIA license is only valid for one year for front-line vehicle immobilizers before it needs to be renewed.

A second license can be purchased for 50% less if you need two licenses.

How Can I Get an SIA License?

On the SIA website, you can submit an application for a license. We advise making sure you satisfy all license requirements before beginning your application.

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